Mobile Antakshari is the first ever multilingual speech recognition technology mobile game that is based on the classic Indian music game of Antakshari. Given the popularity that Antakshari enjoys even today across ages and geographies, Mobile Antakshari  is first of its kind service that pits your musical wits against your mobile! Mobile Antakshari throws in a new flavor tickling a consumer’s musical senses with various genres of musical challenges in regional languages.


Mobile Antakshari enables consumers to challenge their musical wit against the system across 4 genres - Karoke, Antara, Bollygyan and Random round.  The latest version offers a unique  Multi-Player podium for Antakshari Ustads! Currently Mobile Antakshari is available in 4 India languages (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam). Soon to be launched in Urdu, Bengali languages

Mobile Antakshari is a network based VAS application hence no installation or credentials is required. Just call 55455 /55855 on Idea cellular(India) and start playing from any handset.

For Demo Request
Call @ +91 44 45525160

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  • Launch Date : May 2009
  • Operators Launched in: Idea Cellular
  • Total Subscribers: 1.1 Lakhs within 3 months!
  • Available Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam
  • Repeat Customers: 30%
  • “We are happy to facilitate innovative companies like Hexolabs in bringing their big idea to life through our network. Hexolabs have done a remarkable job with our speech recognition technology platform. We feel Mobile Antakshari will bring in a new wave in Mobile VAS Music space. ” - Arvind Rao, CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman, OnMobile Global
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