IVR - short for Interactive Voice Response - automates interaction with telephone callers.
We provide IVR products and services that dramatically reduce the cost of common phone calls to and from your company. We help setup and manage your own IVR platform and develop customized voice solutions to suit your needs.

Our team has created successful voice applications and solutions which have won many accolades in the recent past.

Who Can Use IVR solutions?

1headphones.pngCall centers and BPO's - end to end solutions for setting up your new BPO business and managing existing ones

2tv.pngVAS Providers and content aggregators- intelligent solutions to deliver your content to a large audience

3travel.pngTravel Services and Hospitality - give precise information to your customers and take your travel services to the next level

4retail.pngRetail and Food Service - intelligent customer care service solutions for quick order, order tracking, etc.,

IVR Platform Technical SpecifcationsIVR technical specifaction

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Speech-enabled IVR systems have a flat menu structure and callers are spared from the painful experience of traversing through hierarchical touchtone menus to access information

This reduces the 'opt-outs' for a live agent during a caller-system interaction, while increasing overall enterprise productivity

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We Offer

  IVR platform ivr_platform-img2.png

Hexolabs helps setup your own IVR platform where you can host your own services. We understand your needs and offer customized solutions addressing your requirements and problems. We also custom develop IVR software solutions which will empower your business to reach new horizons and engage your customers.



  IVR Software Developement IVR Software Development

We design, develop and maintain IVR software solutions for your requirements. We follow the industry standards and always make sure we serve you with the best solutions. Our team comprises of Usability Experts, Designers, Creative Programmers, VAS Consultants, Telecom Industry Experts who have created successful IVR solutions in the past.